The 2018 Kyle MacIntosh “Attitude is Everything” recipient for the Buffs4Life Fun Run is CU Volleyball player, Amber Sutherland. 

A drunk driver hit Amber Sutherland (Volleyball 2007) in December 2017 and she is recovering from a severe auto accident. Her injuries included a ruptured C4-5 disc, severe whiplash which required surgery and unplanned time off work. Currently, Amber is still suffering from post-concussion syndrome and facing a hardship to make ends meet and cover expenses for herself and her young son. The daily costs of her sons preschool, everyday bills, attorney fees and the groceries for a growing boy, brought Amber to Buffs4Life. Being a single mom is both rewarding and challenging. Add the complications of a tragic auto accident, and life can change in an instant.
In her words, Amber has struggled to survive these past few months since the accident, but has managed to pull through thanks to the graciousness of family, friends, Buffs4Life and living with her parents. To date, she has exhausted funds available to her, and still have bills to cover.  When we spoke with Amber, she said, “My dream is to get my health and wellness back, catch up on finances and one day, provide a home for my son.”
The Buffs4Life Board of Directors has designated Amber Sutherland the recipient of 6th Annual Kyle MacIntosh Memorial Fun Run. Join us on June 24, 2018. Register Today!