Stories of Hope

Since 2005, the Buffs4Life Foundation has raised over $750,000, and supported nearly 60 fellow Buffs and their families. Here is a partial list of families we have assisted since 2005:

  • Family of Rashaan Salaam (football)
  • Amber Sutherland (volleyball)
  • Dave Hestera (football)
  • Family of Kyle MacIntosh (track)
  • Di Spencer (w. basketball)
  • Rex Carson (skiing)
  • John Hessler (football)
  • Family of TJ Cunningham (football)
  • Benny Frei (ralphie)
  • Julie Hoehing (w. basketball)

In 2018, turning our focus to mental health, Buffs4Life added 10 new board members to grow our outreach efforts. Additionally, we partnered with fellow PAC-12 Washington State University, launching “Project Semicolon” a symbol representing hope and love, raising money for Buffs4Life and Hilinski’s Hope for suicide prevention.

TJ Cunningham

TJs life was tragically taken in early 2019. He left behind a wife, five kids, student, and a host of buff brothers. In addition to financial assistance our fabric of providers were available to support the family and community.

John Hessler

In 2003, John Hessler was involved in a life threatening automobile accident. Buffs4Life help John support medical bills and has surrounded him and his family with care and support.

B4L Crisis Line:


 1 833 303 BUFF


Every fall, 200 new athletes enter the fields, track, courts, and courses of CU. We all had goals. Some were working towards gold medals, some to be draft picks. Others were focused on making the team or earning a scholarship. No matter the goal, we all celebrated our successes and failures together.

The athletic success or failures do not define us, but they do shape us. Beyond our years at CU, the goals have changed but the ‘together’ remains.  Let us not lose the ability to be coached. We all struggle, there is no need to go it alone. As a CU Boulder student athlete, you’re never alone. If you are struggling and need mental health resources, your teammates are here.

Let’s talk, we have programs built around these topics:

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