Mission Statement

We provide a support system that ensures  
That NO University of Colorado Athlete Alumni shall suffer alone.

Our Legacy of Giving

Since 2005, the Buffs4Life Foundation has been dedicated to honoring the memory of Anthony Weatherspoon “Spoon”, a former CU Boulder student athlete, through a legacy of giving, partnership and support to former University of Colorado athletes and their families.

Linked by a thriving partnership between the Buffs4Life Foundation, former CU Boulder student-athletes, like Anthony Weatherspoon, and supporters like you, we are building a unique support system for the present while promoting a promising bridge to the future.

The Buffs4Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, focuses our outreach in these primary areas:

  • The annual Buffs4Life Family Weekend: Supports former athletes in need while promoting generational ties between former student-athletes and the community.
  • CU Alumni: Our support and partnership with all University of Colorado alumni to reinforce our network of giving.

As we move forward with the 2021 campaign, we are actively seeking to extend our partnership alliances and ask for your continued commitment to our foundation’s mission, vision and strategic goals. Your financial support and giving allows the Buffs4Life Foundation to continue touching the lives of those in need throughout the year. Anthony Weatherspoon’s life may have ended too soon, but his story gave Buffs4Life its purpose. We are committed to helping CU Boulder student athletes and alumni in their times of need, and we do that with continued support from the community.