Here is some information on Steve Haggerty, former CU Football Player, sent to us via email from former Buff Scott Martin:

Steve Haggerty got a call from the Anschutz Center about 4 pm on Sunday, November 4th. With 4 hours he was in surgery. After 10-1/2 hours on the operating table, he came out about 7 am on Monday the 5th. The Doctors kept him in a medically induced coma until Tuesday the 6th. When he woke up, he had two new lungs. Statistics say that about 12% of patients that undergo a double lung transplant die on the operating table. Fortunately for Haggs, he made it!!

After 10 days in the hospital, they sent him on his way. Although he is at home recuperating, his journey is far from over. The risk of rejection is still great, but gets lower with each passing month.

Haggs is so very grateful to all the people associated with Buffs 4 Life – it has meant such a great deal to him.